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煅后石油焦CPC (C 98.5-99%) 中国
  • 煅后石油焦CPC (C 98.5-99%) 中国

    CPC is a kind of petrochemical product whose raw material is green petroleum coke. The raw petroleum coke needs to be calcined, and the temperature is usually about 1300℃, this process can get rid of the volatility.



    Mainly used to produce Graphite Electrode, Anodes Paste, Graphite Blocks, and other carbon products.

    It can also be used as carbon additive in steelmaking, aluminum plants, refractory, insulation, filler, and etc.


    Anodes paste then is used in The Hall–Héroult process to produce primary aluminum.

    In the Hall–Héroult process, alumina is dissolved in a molten cryolite bath within a carbon-lined steel pot. Carbon anodes are inserted in the top of the bath and an electric current passes through the anodes and the bath. Oxygen atoms separate from the alumina and combine with the carbon anode, leaving the remaining molten aluminum at the bottom of the pot. The molten aluminum is periodically siphoned out and placed in a holding furnace. From the holding furnace, the molten aluminum is cast into an ingot.

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